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    关于小学六年级英语作文样本汇编 篇一

    Hello, everyone! My name is Zhou Qing Yao. I am 12 years old. I have two big eyes and a all mouth .I have black hair .I am a beautiful girl.

    I like watching TV, because it is very fun. My favourite fruits are oranges, because it is very sweet. My favourite food are fish and carrots. My favourite colours are blue and yellow .I like singing and dancing ,but I don notlike doingkung fu .I like to go hiking and see a film, but I don not like to play computer games.

    These are my hobbies .What about your hobbies?

    关于小学六年级英语作文样本汇编 篇二

    Hello! My name is Feifei. My mother is very beautiful. My father is very handsome. So I’m very lovely. Look! My coat is white. My eyes are blue. I have a long tail. Fish is my favorite food. I like mice too. Guess! Who am I?

    您好!我的名字叫菲菲.我妈妈很漂亮.我的父亲是非常帅气.所以我很可爱. 看!我的衣裳是白色的. 我的眼睛是蓝色的.我有一个长长的尾巴.鱼是我最喜欢的食务.我喜欢老鼠了. 猜测! 我是谁?

    关于小学六年级英语作文样本汇编 篇三

    Hi, I am Cao Wanqian.On Sundays, I usually get up at 6:30.Then I have my breakfast at 7:00. I have some breads and some milk. They are yummy! I like it.do homework at 7:30. Finish! Oh! I’m so tired.

    at 8:30, I listen to music to relax. I like acid rock music, but I also like quiet music.I watch TV at 9:00 in the bedroom."Coo~ ~" Oh no! I’m hungry belly growling. It’s 11:00,I want to eat. I come to the kitchen. Mother had cooked food. I sat eating Dakoutaikou in a chair.

    After lunch, it’s 12:00. I walk to the park. There the air is fresh. I sat in a chair, look at the skyGo back home, it’s 14:00. I sat at the desk read a storybook. It’s so funny.At 5:00. I eat dinner.

    Today I am very happy.

    关于小学六年级英语作文样本汇编 篇四


    The traditions and customs held on this festival differ from place to place, but there are some common in them. First, the most famous and great tradition is holding Dragon Boat races, which are held by fishermen’s attempt to protect Qu Yuan’s body against attacking by fishes and other animals in the river by beating drums and row the dragon shaped boat. Nowadays dragon boat races have been an annual popular sport activity among people. In addition, making and eating Zongzi—a dumpling made of glutinous rice and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves—is also a popular custom during this day. It can be made by many kinds of stuffing. What’s more, hanging herbs on the front door, drinking realgar wine and pasting up picture of Zhongkui—a mythic guardian figure in ancient china—are also popular during the festival, which are mean to protect people from evil and disease.

    这个传统习俗不同的地方有不同的庆祝方式,但也有一样的方面.最初,最出名的传统正是举行龙舟比赛,这是由渔民们举行的,捅过打鼓和划龙形的船来保护屈原的身体免受鱼类和其他动物的攻击.现在龙舟赛是人们一年一度的流行的体育活动.此外,做和吃粽子——糯米面团,包着竹叶或芦苇叶,在那一天也是 一个流行的风俗.它可以由不同种类的馅料制成.还有正是,门上挂着草药,人们喝雄黄酒,在门前张贴中国古代神话人物钟馗的图片在节日期间也是很受欢迎的,做这些的意义是保护人们免受邪恶和疾病.

    These customs and traditions have been changed a little in recent years, but they still make contribution to the spread and inheritance of Chinese culture.


    端午节英语作文过去式四:端午节 Dragon Boat Festival

    The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar. For thousands of years, the festival has been marked by eating zong zi (glutinous ricewrapped to form a pyramid using bamboo or reed leaves) and racing dragon boats.The festival is best known for its dragon-boat races, especially in the southern provinces where there are many rivers and lakes. Thisregattacommemorates the death of Qu Yuan , an honest minister who is said to have committed by drowning himself in a river. The dragon-boat races symbolize the many attempts to rescue and recover Qu's body. A typical dragon boat ranges from 50-100 feet in length, with a beam of about 5.5 feet, accommodating two paddlers seated side by side.



    I’m glad to receive your letter,thank you for your caring for the weather and my health.Now I’d like to tell you something about the og.

    Since the winter last year,the og has occurred a lot of times.it has done great harm to our daily life.many traffic accidents happened just because of the heavy og weather,more and more people have to go to see the doctor because the serious disease caused by the og,quite a lot of flights have to be put off,a great number of people have to stay at home for fear of the poisonous air caused by the og.

    People have realized the great harm caused by the og and the importance of protecting the environment.people all over the country are taking measures to reduce the og weather.the government suggests people go to work or school with the public traffic, such as the bus and the underground.Also we should plant more trees.

    According to me, I will go to school by bike or on foot, and I won’t throw the waste anywhere.in addition, I will tell the people I meet to protect the environment as possible as they can.would you like to tell me some good ideas?i’m looking forward to your reply.


    Since the development of the technology, the society gets modernized, people make use of the high technology to pursue more profit. Though the government has noticed the problem that people do to the environment, they still can’t prevent negative result that the polluted environment brings.


    Many years ago, the most prominent problem of the polluted environment is that the river and the water were changed their color, some fish even died for the polluted river. Now the situation becomes ever worse, lately, in the big city, like Beijing and Shanghai, people are annoyed by the bad weather. It is not the rainy day, but the haze around the sky, there is no way for people to run away for it. The haze contains toxic elements, people breathe it and hurt their bodies.


    The haze problem is the result of people’s pursuit for the profit, what people did to the environment now has been paid back by the environment. Now people have realized the revenge from the nature is so huge, protecting the environment is the main task. No matter how bad the environment is, people still need to do something to fix their mistake.


    关于小学六年级英语作文样本汇编 篇五

     I am from shenzhen. in spring ,the weather is warm and wet. i can play kite. in summer, the weather is hot and wet. i can swim in the swimming pool. in the autumn, the weather is cool and dry. i can play kite, too. in the winter, the weather is cold and dry. it never snow.

    关于小学六年级英语作文样本汇编 篇六

     The Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar.People always eat rice dumplings and watch dragon boat races to celebrate it.

    The festival is best known for its dragon-boat races,especially in the southern places where there are many rivers and lakes. It is very popular.

    The rice dumpling is made of glutinous rice,meat and so on. You can eat different kinds of rice dumplings. They are very delicious.

    And Dragon Boat Festival is for Qu Yuan. He is an honest minister who is said to have committed by drowning himself in a river.

    Overall, the Dragon Boat Festival is very interesting!

    关于小学六年级英语作文样本汇编 篇七

     Yesterday was a busy day. My uncle came back from Canada. My parents waited for him in the airport. I had to look after my little sister at home,sweep the floor,do the dishes and hang up the clothes in the morning. I had to do my homework and practice the piano in the afternoon. Because we will take a test the day after tomorrow. We went shopping with my uncle at night.

    关于小学六年级英语作文样本汇编 篇八

    We have four seasons in a year. I can do many interesting things in each season. In spring, the weather is cool and wind, I can fly kites when its wind. And I can go hiking with my family when its sunny and cool. I like hiking. Summer is hot in the north of China, but its not long time. I often go swimming. It can make me healthy and strong. I can also wear my beautiful dresses. Fall is a season with harvest. And I can eat delicious fruits in this season. I can watch the leaves fall. Winter comes, its often snowy in winter in my hometown. When it snows, everything is white. We can play with snow and make a snowman, skate and ski. And winter is my favourite season, because of the Spring Festival. I love seasons. I love the nature.

    关于小学六年级英语作文样本汇编 篇九

    If anyone ask me who is my favorite people? I would tell him my favorite person is my mother. My mother is 45 years old. But I still can see how beautiful she is when she is young. She is not too tall, but very thin. Her eyes are black. Her hair is grey and there is several white hair. She loves cooking. She often cooks delicious food for me. I love her.


    关于小学六年级英语作文样本汇编 篇十

     I have a good friend. His name is Zhang Peng. He is 12 years old. He lives in Beijing. He is in class one grade six. He likes playing basketball, swimming and watching TV. He is very clever and friendly.He has a happy family. His father is an English teacher. His mother works in a hoapital. She is a doctor. He has a brother. His brother is a student, too.

    关于小学六年级英语作文样本汇编 篇十一






    关于小学六年级英语作文样本汇编 篇十二

    Remember once, I went to home to find her playing, chopped to her home, she asked me: "what are we going to play?" I and she said: what game fun, what we can play. She consented.

    Then we play the game of the house and put the nose games, etc... After a while, we had exhausted, just rest for a while and have a drink of water, chopped, said: "let's play computer!" I said: good!

    Then we turned on the computer and open the web page, and ordered 7 k7k game again, some of the rubber band adventure game, is a good time, and time is up, in the end, I'm coming home.

    Although I chopped and thoughts are ctes, I always take her as my best friend, because I meet with difficulties, or she meet with difficulties, we will help each other, each other, just like the two sisters.


    In the sixth grade study life will end again. Six years, I became good friends with many ctes. Among them, leave me the deepest impression is Lin Yu static. Mention Lin Yu static, everyone in our class raised his thumb kua. Lin Yu static is medium. Little cheeks with a cherry all mouth. High nose bridge frame with a blue frame glasses, she has a head of short hair fleeciness nature.

    Lin Yu static is a love the collective, love of learning, deeply loves the life of a good student. Her hobby is widespread, like sports, like guzheng, like art, also like English and her English is one of the top every time. And her other

    Discipline is great. So the students have been chosen by the teacher for the school big DuiWei and English lesson representative in the class. She CARES about students care about their. He said today! After math test paper hair down, only scores good cte ug, bafflement of poor scores. All the students of different, facial expression as a transcript. At the time of teacher evaluation, speak some harsh words, I have the sad heart and add much a few minutes for their SINS. The class was over, I pull unrequited love to sit on the seat, looking at the teacher wrote on the volume of big score, thinking about what the teacher said just now, the nose a acid, want to cry


    I am a good friend. He has a square face, head of black hair cut very short, often live like a little hedgehog. Although he is not high, appearance is ordinary, do not belong to the handsome category. However, saying cloud: all that glitters is not gold, sea cannot be measured. Although he looks normal, but he likes to read reference books, from astronomy, down to geography, known as "little home" history. Especially like watching the history books. His work carefully, often point out my careless MAO bo!

    Who is he? - Ye xuanyu.

    Remember once, I find a book in the bookcase the chronology of Chinese history. I open a look at, when eyes stay on the title some of zhou wu zetian, browse to the eighth title, I found it was long live, tian yuan. At that time, I want to eat the honey as sweet in my heart. Do you know why? Because my name is tian yuan, can be on the title and the first female emperor the same lucky with his name, is really good news. "Such a big news, be sure to tell a good friend, let him happy, too." I think in my heart secretly.

    The next day, I took the book to find Ye xuanyu with a huge ile. I hid the book behind his back, grinning ask him: "all family history, and you guess which Chinese emperor title of the same name with me?

    关于小学六年级英语作文样本汇编 篇十三

    Dogs, along with cats, are thought to be as the most favored as pets in America today.?This wonderful animal is valued for their companionship, protection and friendship they bestow to their owners. So it is hardly suprising to find dogs or cats on television shows and movies and who could not forget Lassie, one of the most famous canine of all time.?

    For the wonderful companionship this pet gives, it is vital the owner does his or her share of responsibilities that comes on owning a dog.?The owner has the obligation to make certain that their pet receives adequate attention and affection, adheres to a nutritious diet, have regular visits to the vet for a check up or for shots and a plenty amount of exercise to keep them healthy and mentally alert.

    Although it takes time and effort to care for your dog, the rewards ultimately pay off.? In return for their owner caring efforts, the dog will grant them unwavering loyalty, their affection and most important of all, the desire to please you.?This is probably the reason why people sometimes prefer this exquisite creature than their own and for years to come canines will remain people favorite pet.

    关于小学六年级英语作文样本汇编 篇十四

     In the end of the year, people held many activities to celebrate and welcome the New Year. In my school, we held a New Year party every year. Students like taking part in it very much, because it is really funny. This year, I dance with my ctes. We prepare for it a month ago. Our teacher helps us a lot. We work very hard to dance it well. Now, tomorrow is the party time. I am sure we will be great in the party.